About CMEx

Educate. Develop. Grow


Continuing Medical Education is one of the keys to best provides the most up-to-date, high-quality patient care.

To stay agile against the rapid and continuously-evolving development in healthcare, Health Care Professionals must keep themselves updated with the latest innovations, best practices and standards in health care worldwide.

With the opportunity to collaborate with the leading training and research institutions in the world, learning has never been this exciting and meaningful.

Let us help you facilitate and bring your ideas into reality for the professional growth, empowerment, and meaningful engagement with your stakeholders.

We provide an end-to-end tailored solution to your CME needs from ideation, program design and development, identification of the speaker(s) both local and international, pre and post-event client communication strategy, program execution, project management and support.

World-Class Webinars

with leading medical institutions and international experts

Personalized Virtual Learning Programs  

is an online Visitorship and Observership program with mentorship from the respective experts in the field.

Live Stream Surgeries

Learn the latest innovative surgical procedures and approaches with the leading surgeons in the world.

Train – the – Trainers

Groom the next generation of trainers for continual excellence and development in their area of expertise

Bridging Program

An offline or online program that allows Health Care Professionals and leading Institutions to collaborate and learn amongst each other such as the current developments, best practices and latest standards in health care, across the world.